The Key Brewing Co. website was developed in collaboration with Further Insights.

Its name is a nod to the national icon from our native Baltimore area, Francis Scott Key— it is the only brewery in Dundalk, Maryland. Key joins a burgeoning tradition of skilled brewers in the region and, of course, the incredible movement of skilled craft brewing across America. An updated website design and development was a great investment to distinguish the maturity of the brand since its beginnings in 2015.

This website was an upgrade from an existing, outdated, Shopify website. Designed for the beer lover at heart, the features in this website compare to some of the leading craft beer brands around. An integrated calendar that syncs with a Google Calendar provides the perfect interface to showcase upcoming events. Outbound links to 3rd party merchant sites provide customers every shopping option available. Mailchimp was integrated to provide a method to capture email newsletter subscribers and provide them with news, updates and events through email marketing campaigns. Contact forms were developed to segment different call-to-actions on the site, and upgraded to utilize custom STMP server settings.

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