The website was built in collaboration with Further Insights. The folks at Charm City Builders buy, rehab and sell houses in the Baltimore, MD area. As the case with many of our clients, their old web site provider was unable to release the content of the old site. This usually is the case when a web development firm builds many websites in a “multi-tenant” environment. They often focus on quantity, not quality. Not only do you share resources with sometimes hundreds of other sites, the web host frequently will not provide access or an export of the content that you own because they would effectively give you the keys to everyone else content too.


The website also had many issues that trigger negative impacts on SEO. Vectrotech was able to quickly design and develop a new site, that meets many updated SEO standards, but also provides a user friendly interface that provides great opportunity to capture new business leads. At the direction of Further Insights, we created and implemented a comprehensive inbound marketing, sales platform, enabling the client to track and manage all leads and predict business growth.


If you design or host your website with Vectrotech, rest assured that we will not deploy your content in a manner that would prevent you from packing up and going somewhere else (although, we hope you don’t!) Work with us on your next project, we offer solutions that can help your business grow!

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